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The rich man's house should not burn, the young man's wife should not die, and the old man's son should not die. Why are you crying, Rajeev? I'm old enough to be her father. They can fix the heater. I'm happy here.

It is possible for us to know what has been achieved in the past, but it is not possible for us to change it. And it is possible for us to change the future, but it is not possible for us to know what will be achieved in it. We went to the dance. May I use a pencil and some paper? You're punctual. I had a bad headache yesterday. That was why I was absent. He's an eccentric man who thought that time was not linear. They have the right to do so. I'm going to allow Kevan to do whatever he wants to do.

Christophe wants to marry a Formula 1 driver. I saw what was left. Four miles is a good distance. If you have any problem, just call. How long would a sandwich take? I was taken in by the salesman. I've been lonely, too.

I see a star. I love my country too. I can remember some faces, but there are some people here I don't remember seeing. The radio is on. We have to catch up on our work as soon as possible. If I knew where Charlene was, I'd tell you. The relationship between the two countries has waxed and waned over the years. Do you want to come to my party? I've just been told that I have to bring my own equipment.

These people are our guests. How is the discovery related to the progress of science? Children who spend more time outdoors have a lower risk of myopia. He advanced his departure by two days. What does he do for the city?

He had to work as hard as he could to finish it in time. Delbert was half naked. She's waiting for you at home. Both claims are false. I won't tell you what I thought. Janice doesn't deserve to be punished.

So long as you have no evidence for your assertions, I am not having this conversation. No, the police aren't using a dog to look for a man. They're looking for a man who has a dog. From the stars, knowledge. The sun is up. He lived abroad for many years. Franklin's ideas formed the basis of the University of Pennsylvania. He couldn't attend the meeting because he was sick. You can't buy these in Boston. I've never seen her.

We are weary of his long talk. You know I have to go. What kind of food do you like to cook?

Gil is quite thin, isn't he? I'll be back in twenty minutes. I wouldn't be too surprised if this song became a hit. The children couldn't contain their excitement. Sam doesn't have any family. Kamel's doctor advised him to give up drinking. The world is a small village. I want Syd to sign this. Let's try this plan. Someone told me that this boy cannot hear.

A cup of coffee cleared up my headache. It was much more difficult than we initially thought. I will be watching TV at nine o'clock tonight in spite of much homework. Molly said we could do it. I never told Olof that. None of Michiel's classmates knew his last name.